Wednesday, August 12, 2009


Nikita Buyanov made a bunch of concept laptops for HP-Intel, custom made specifically for women. The laptops come with a range of interesting features, aimed at the fairer sex. There’s some crazy stuff. Like laptops that double as weighing machines, some that carry makeup, with features like mirror mode and a built-in on-nail printing device. The Chameleon, for instance, changes color to blend with its surroundings.

The one that would likely be most offensive to women is pictured above, HP Makeup. It’s obscenely pink and if you press the big button, the screen will change to mirror mode so they can apply makeup. It also has an on-nail printing device.

They always assume that women will flock to it if you make it pink and incorporate cosmetics, cuz in their mind, that’s all that women are about. But I know better ladies. Call me…

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  1. this is a geeky laptop and iam a girl , i love pink and all stuff about pink but really i didn't like this laptop and i feel that it is just wasting of money and other resources .laptops are made to achieve the jobs we all know,not to be a make-up tool for women