Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Secure Business Laptop - New NEC Versa M370, Versa P570, Versa S970 Laptops

NEC is offering integrated piece of mind in the form of new built-in hardware technology with its Versa line of laptops – the Versa M370 laptop, Versa P570 laptop and Versa S970 laptop. NEC’s Client Products Marketing Manager, Olivier Chevance, said, “With so many high-profile data breaches making headlines, securing sensitive information at the source - the laptop itself - is fast becoming a top priority for most organizations. That’s why NEC Computers is providing its customers with the most advanced security and management available today within its Versa line of laptops.” The new and improved security features include the hardware-based Trusted Platform Module security chip, encrypting disk drive and client management software which will protect your data, even in the case of a lost or stolen laptop. That means that even if your machine is in the wrong hands, your information will be safe. The system combines Seagate and Momentus Full Disc Encryption hard drive with DriveTrusto technology, managed by Wave's Embassy software, and the result is an easy-to-use system enabling security and authentication for lost, stolen or recycled laptops. NEC
via Laptops Arena

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