Sunday, September 6, 2009

Zenith’s SmartStyle Personal Computer

Indian PC manufacturer Zenith Computer unveiled last week its latest offering, the SmartStyle PC. The SmartStyle PC sports a very radical design, and comes with a 17 inch LCD monitor, a keyboard and a mouse.

The CPU is engrafted behind the LCD. It’s possible to hang the monitor on the wall, or even attach it to a table top computer. That is pretty cool.

Configuration/Specs: The Zenith SmartStyle PC runs on an Intel Dual Core T2130 Processor and has an 80 GB hard disk and 1 GB RAM. Speakers are in-built, and networking slots are present. Though the SmartStyle PC lacks an optical drive, there’s a slot available to install any DVD burner.

The PC is expected to sell for about Rs. 20,000

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