Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Ego lifestyle laptops by Inclosia

The Ego Lifestyle has created the E-Go, the world’s first line of lifestyle notebooks to incorporate real fabrics into mass production.These laptops called Ego laptops can outdo your vanity and perhaps even give it an inferiority complex!They don`t come in many shapes and sizes but they do come in many skin types. Pink for the girly ones, and these animal prints for the more wild at heart but your ultimate power trip in life- one with the leather jacket made out of snakeskin and another studded with diamonds.Designed in part by a Dutch jeweller, the most expensive version features a diamond tulip on the front, and a diamond accent on the hand rest.The cheapest version, the Tulip Ego, is making it to the US for Rs 2.25 lakh, but the other versions aren’t destined for US shores, presumably being reserved for Russian oligarchs and oil barons.Shaped a bit like the original Apple iBook, the notebook has a helpful handle for carrying purposes, and can be customized with tiger and zebra print skins.

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