Monday, June 8, 2009

Toshiba Satelite 1000 and 1100 notebooks

The Toshiba Satellite 1100 notebooks offers great features at a value price. With its speedy, high-end Intel® Celeron® Processor at 2.0GHz, 400MHz Front Side Bus, PC1600 SDRAM, and an ATI M6-C graphics controller with 16MB DDR video memory, this is the perfect lightweight tecra cheap notebook PC for every user. IBM Dell Compaq HP
with toshiba used laptop satellite toshiba m2 m3 a7 a8 1100 notebooks You can quickly connect to the Internet using the modem or through the Ethernet LAN, and the 30GB hard drive assures toshiba wholesale you of enough room for all of your programs and files. The 1110 features 3 USB ports and 2 PC Card slots (Type II or Type III), allowing you to add several peripherals, toshiba refurbished including wireless networking. The TV-out port on toshiba satellite notebooks compliments the DVD-ROM for presentations on the big screen, or for viewing DVD movies anytime!

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