Monday, June 8, 2009

Sony VAIO N laptop

I've found the best laptop for college, as of June 2007, while working on the cheapest laptop comparison chart. The chart shows that Sony VAIO N Series laptop in its basic configuration offers the best value for the money today. Sony VAIO N is only the lowest-end Sony laptop but it comes with some of the most advanced CPU Processor and features available today.Priced at $899 (VGN-N320E/W) and equipped with Intel Pentium Dual Core 1.6 GHz processor, all necessary ports and, in addition, with the ExpressCard that enables laptop to connect to even more external devices, Sony N series is the best laptop for college today for the lowest price. Sure you can buy cheaper Dell or Compaq for around $499 with an instant rebate today ... but these lowest-end models are not nearly equipped with the features and performance. College students often find themselves in the environment where they have to use many different connectivity options and be able to work fast while having multiple applications running simultaneiously. The best laptop should also be designed from a sturdy material to take any college abuse and should last through at least 4 years without repairs - repairing or exchanging your laptop while away from home on campus is often a tough task. Sony brand fits perfectly to all these requirements, Sony Vaio N fits well for a college student budget. And it's good looking too ;). See all specs or buy it at Sony.

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